Aaron EHRLICH of Estonia #general

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I am searching for any info regarding my family name(Maiden name
Ehrlich,now Joffe)
I am living in Cape Town ,South Africa.

My Grandfather Aaron Ehrlich (married Rochel Henich) and was born in
Estonia,had three children in late 1800's -
Louis,Bella and Josiah.

My father Josiah came to Bloemfontein,South Africa during the Boer War.He
later married Fanny(Fruma) Friedman (originally her surname was
Shavlov).They had 4 children-Sylvia,Robert,Aaron and Miryam.

Louis Ehrlich went to live in the Boston,USA ,where he became a real estate
agent.He married ?Cohen.He passed away in the 1970's. Lived in Irving

We have no idea what happened to Bella Ehrlich.

Please email me Miryam Joffe at juliet@cellucity.co.za

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