Searching SALTZ or SALT or ZALT and KOLINSKY or KOLINSKI or KALIN and TANNENBAUM (Poland --> New York) #general

Laurence Harris <laurence_harris@...>

I am searching for part of my family who went >from Poland and
settled in New York City (mainly Brooklyn) around 1900.

Geographical links with this family are Poland (including
Zlochiv) and New York City.

Hershel (Hersch Leib) ZALT/SALTZ/SALT was a cobbler, born c1850,
who lived in Poland. He had six(?) children:

1. Genonezy(Genuncha) ZALT/SALT born 1876. Thought to have
lived in Zlochiv, Poland during period 1913-1918. Married twice.
Second marriage (c.1900) to Kalman Leib KLONOWSKI (my great
grandfather). This part of the family came to England c1918 (Hull
then London).

2. Channah ZALT. Born c1875 in Poland. Died in Poland(?).

3. Nathan SALTZ/ZALT. Born c1875 in Poland. Immigrated to
Brooklyn, New York City, USA. Had a daughter, Leonora SALTZ of

4. Shimon ZALT/SALTZ (this was possibly Sam SALTZ - see child 6

5. Fanny ZALT/SALTZ. She immigrated to USA (New York ?). She
married Jacob "Jake" KOLINSKI/KOLINSKY. Jake KOLINSKI ran a
baker's shop in Hendry Street, Brooklyn, New York. Fanny and
Jake KOLINSKI had five KOLINSKI children (all born c.1900). The
KOLINSKI surname may have later changed to KALIN:
a. Minnie (or Minna) - of New York;
b. Goldie. Lived in Forest Hills, Queens, New York.
Had two sons called Bobby and Michael.
c. Molly. Married a man with a surname of TANNENBAUM.
They had one daughter called Gladys TANNENBAUM.
Gladys married and had a daughter called Joanie.
d. Ruby. Married. Adopted two children.
e. Issie.

6. Sam ZALT/SALTZ. A baker in New York. Possibly worked in
Jake's (sister Fanny's Husband) bakery business. Sam married and
had three SALTZ/ZALT children called Issie, Rosie and Lilly.

Postings of these surnames have been made on JewishGen Family
Finder (JGFF). Parts of the family have also been posted on the
Family Tree of the Jewish People (FTJP).

Please contact me if any of these names are familiar to you or
you know anything about the bakery on Hendry Street, Brooklyn.

Laurence Harris
Pinner, Middlesex, England

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