To Yoav Re: Genendel #general


I tried to send this message privately to Yoav on the meaning and origins
of Genendel but his address did not work. I hope that he will see this on
the digest.

Ganendel is Genendel. It is a women's name. It is the Cyrillic
equivalent of Hendel--actually the diminutive. In other words Cyrillic
has no G so as in Hersch and Gersch or Handelsman and Gandelsman which are
the same names Gendel is the same as Hendel. Genendel means little
Gendel. Hendel is the Yiddish for the Hebrew Hannah or Chana.

The reason I know all this is that my mother's name was Genendel. My
children were interested in naming their new daughter after my mother but
Genendel was not a name they wanted to use. I looked up Genendel in a
book of Jewish names and was treated to all of the above. Hannah was a
name they really liked so I have a granddaughter whose name is Hannah and
who is named after my mother. All's well that ends well.

Phyllis Goldberg
North Bethesda, MD

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