Re: Occupation of Liquor Manufacturer for Orthodox Jew in 1840s #general

Volker Hess <Volker.Hess@...>

Dear Richard, dear community

On Fri, 17 Nov 2000, richard may wrote:

On of several occupations of my g.g.grandfather in the
1840s in Giessen in the Hessen was that of liquor
manufacturer. Was this considered a respectable
occupation or otherwise among the Orthodox Jewish
community in the 1840s in the Hessen(Germany)? For
example, how would an Orthodox Rabbi have viewed the
occupation of liquor manufacturer?
I'm doing some historical research on Jewish Communities near Giessen
(esp. Lollar, Mainzlar, Staufenberg, Daubringen and Treis). One jewish
family in Mainzlar (Kann) founded a liquor manufactory in the early 19th,
they also traded with liquor in the surrounding region. Later on the
family relocated the company to Giessen. I think it was a "respectable
occupation". Also I suppose, that this family like many others in Giessen
(and env.) in middle of the 19th could not be marked as "Orthodox". The
majority of jews in this region formed a growing "liberal" Jewish

Are there perhaps any relationships between the Kann family and your

Yours Volker

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