Sally Mann <SallySM@...>

Even though I have hired a reputable researcher in the Czech Republic, I
have been unable to find information about the following:

Esther Grunhut, daughter of Abraham and Rosa - born April 16,1834 in
Bohemia. She married Joseph Schwarz, son of David, in Connecticut in
1858 and subsequently moved to Rhode Island before settling in Chicago.

Also, Carl, Joachim and Jennie Steiner, whose surname may have
originally been Klauber. They emigrated to the U.S, in the 1850's and
settled in Chicago.

Carl was born April 17, 1825 in Bohemia

Joachim aka John was born August 16, 1828 in Stechovice, Bohemia

Jennie was born March 15, 1831 in Bohemia. She married Albert Kirschner
and lived for a time in St. Louis before moving to Chicago.

Any information about the ancestors or siblings of these people
would be greatly appreciated.

Sally Steiner Mann

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