Miriam MARGOLYES strategy for Belarus records #belarus


The following is part of the email I sent privately to Miriam
Margolyes concerning the records in Belarus and how to preserve them:

Is there any possibility of the FHL contacting these archieves in
Belarus and arranging to microfilm their archieves ??
Is my understanding correct that when FHL is involved in one of these
filming efforts, that the filmed archieve also receives a copy of the
microfilms therin made, which in this case would help the Belarus
people preserve their records.. ???

from my perspective, a retired Jewish Structural Engineer, it seems
that some much much closer cooperation between Family History Library
in Salt Lake City and JewishGen.com and other Jewish geneological
organizations would be far more productive then now seems to prevail.
We would also be able to help the archievists in Belarus and other

Of course, this would require the subordination of everyones ego and
political agendas. And maybe that is just too too much to ask !!


Samuel J. Richelew, PE

RICHELEWSKI, RICHELEWSKY of Porozovo, Svisloch [Grodno ??] Belarus
MOSES, MOSESCO, MOSESCU of Piatra (Neamt ??) [Neamt ??] Romania

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