Help - Place Named Horda, Ukraine #general


On a ships passenger list for the Ryndam, December 11, 1906, the place of
birth for a cousin is given as Horda. It is very clearly written, the
only letter in doubt would be the first letter which looks like a capital
H, but might be some combination I do not recognize. This is the birth
place of a young child, about 3 years old, who was travelling with his
mother. Both lived in the area around StaroKonstantinov, Ukraine. The
Shtetl finder did not give me any good ideas with either an H or a G as a
first letter.
I would appreciate some other ideas.
Barry Chernick
Bellevue WA
CHERNICK, CZERNIK - StaroKonstantinov, Krasilov, Volocisk
MITTLEMAN - Tchan (Tiofipol), Satanov
SCHULMAN, SHULMAN - Dolhinov, Minsk
KARP, CARPE - Bialystok, Minsk

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