Marriage certificate from Argentina #general

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A friend, who is not "on-line", asked for help. . . She would like to
obtain the marriage certificate for her husband's maternal grandparents.
She has given me the following information. . . The groom, Harry ZEID, was
born in the Ukraine, fled to England to avoid conscription, and then left
England as an "indentured servant", and arrived in Argentina. He is said
to have worked "on a rubber plantation". He met his wife- to- be, Hannah
KRONFELD in Argentina. Her family came >from Austria, and her father was a
cattle dealer. She was placed in an orphanage in Argentina as a small
child after the death of her mother. The marriage is said to have taken
place in about 1909. . . perhaps in Buenos Aires. The couple had a child,
Sandra Olivia ZEID who was born in 1911. And, in 1913, the family
immigrated to the USA. . . arriving in Philadelphia and settling in Los
Angeles. There were also "cousins" in LA by the names of "Al and Minnie
SINGER". Does any of this sound familiar ? And, does anyone have any
leads about where to go for information and who could be contacted? Any
and all help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

Marilyn Feinberg
Kalamazoo, MI USA

MODERATOR NOTE: JewishGen has some InfoFiles on Argentina at (click on "Argentina" in the
countries section). They should be worthwhile, either for this question,
or for future research.

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