GONSKY - Yedinitz, Bessarabia #general

allan schneider <amj518@...>

Does anyone know of the Gonsky family originally >from Yedinitz (Edinits,
now Yedintsy)) Bessarabia (now Moldova)and immigrated to New York in late
1890's. They ran Russian-Turkish Baths on the lower East Side of NY
(corner Essex St and Delancey St, near Williamsburg Bridge) until about
1910 and later in Brooklyn (Flushing Ave Baths, briefly in Queens; then
for longer period Christopher Avenue Baths in Brownsville) until about

My maternal grandfather Joseph Gonsky immigrated as a boy of about 10,
with his brother Philip and father Zalman Gonsky to New York in late
1890's. Zalman Gonsky's wife was Eva Grossman who later immigrated to NY
from Bessarabia with her daughter Selma Gonsky, Josephs sister.
If anyone knows of the Gonsky family (or Grossman Family) >from Yedinitz
Bessarabia and later of the Baths run by the Joe Gonsky on lower East Side
of NY and the Christopher Ave Baths in Brownsville, Brooklyn, I would
appreciate any information you may recall or have.

Allan Schneider
Delmar NY (near Albany)
email: amj518@hotmail.com

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