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Arline and Sidney Sachs

Sallyann Sack and I do a twice monthly TV show entitled "Tracing Your
Family Roots". The show is sponsored by JGSGW (Jewish Genealogy Society
of Greater Washington).

Our original idea in doing the show was to have tapes available for
societies who could not afford to have speakers come to them, and for
individuals living to far to attend regular JGS meetings.

The shows are shown on the Fairfax County (Virginia) access cable network.
Anyone interested in getting the entire set of shows to use at your cable
station should contact your local station to see how this can be arranged.

JGSGW put together the first 6 shows that we did and offered them for sale.
These included:
1. Why Jewish Genealogy is different
2. Interviewing - a general overview - with oral historian Ellen Epstein
3. Interviewing - continued with a sample interview of Hans Hirsch by Ellen
4. Beinners resources - an overview of books, manuals etc.
5. How to save the data you gathered - manual methods
6. How to save your data - a look at various computer programs with Mr.
Nixon of Hearthstone Book Store.

The intent was to package them in groups of 6 (about all that fit
comfortably on a standard video tape). There did not seem to be a great
demand for the tapes and JGSGW did not go ahead and create further
packages. Perhaps there was not enough advertising about them or perhaps
there is a greater need now.

You can see a short description of all of the over 50 shows that we have
done so far at: tracingroots.nova.org
The web site has a link to JGSGW and to the web-sites of many of our
guests, and you can send us a message through the web pages as well.

Arline Sachs

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