Have you uploaded your gedcom to FTJP ? #general

James H Gross <larklane@...>

I personally know of quite a few Jewish genealogy
researchers who work on their trees. A few of these
researchers have a JGFF listing (Jewishgen website)
but most -do not- have a FTJP listing. As a person
who continually tries to find additional relatives, whether
dead or alive, I find it curious, and indeed,surprising that
many of you are not yet taking advantage of this very
useful database.

If you are worried about personal information getting out
on your living relatives, you can easily filter it out with
software. See my webpage for info on that topic.
Jewishgen's FTJP is a very handy site for placing your tree
in a centrally located and searchable web database. Even
if you have a family tree webpage, this database is an
invaluable way of making it easy for people to find your family.

If you are going to spend all that time inputting your names,
calling up relatives, and creating a family tree, why not share
your existing tree via FTJP ? There is always the possibility
that someone >from NJ (or any state) will call you up long
distance ( I called Conn. yesterday) and tell you that they
have positively identified your tree as being linked via a
previous generation.You are doing yourself a favor by uploading!

James H. Gross
Cherry Hill, N.J.
e-mail: larklane@juno.com
Gross-Steinberg Family Tree

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