Please name your subject in your message! #general

Judith Romney Wegner

Dear Genners:

Here is the entire text of a recent message:

I attempted to access the listed address. It was rejected. Can anyone
Thank you.
Because this message is typical of several that appeared recently, I want
to repeat an earlier plea: Will posters please, please identify their
subject matter explicitly in the body of their message -- instead of saying
vague things like "the above surname" or "the listed address" -- which
forces the reader into the time-consuming chore of going back up to check
the header. The sender here assumed that everyone actually read headers
before reading the message itself. On a list like Jewishgen, I doubt if
that is true for most of us, because it is such a time-waster --
especially if you have to do it for 100 messages or more per day.

For fast readers, it is an enormous time-saver to avoid wading through
headers to locate subject lines. It is far quicker to zip through the
message itself, deleting those of no personal interest and saving only
those one needs. So please, could everyone be sure to state the surname
or other subject matter explicitly in the message and not merely in the
header. Thank you.

Judith Romney Wegner

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