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Colin Plen

Somebody replied to this question by saying "they are the same". I think
this is a bit unfair because a person asking that question deserves a full
In Russian there is no "h" sound or letter. the closest to it is "g"
Remeber that COHEN in Yiddish comes out like KAYEN in pronunciation. Now if
you cannot say that with a H but with a G then it becomes Kagan.
Simple when you know how hey?
Colin Plen

From: judy ford <>
To: JewishGen Discussion Group <>
Subject: The name COHEN
Date: Saturday, November 19, 2011 3:08 AM
Dear Jewish Genners,
Does any one know if the name COHEN in Poland was KAGAN.
My great grandmother's maiden name was Cohen she came >from Makow,inPoland
Judy Ford

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