Romanian documents 1860 - 1885 #general


I have gleaned the following names >from various marriage certificates and
birth certificates of my Berman and Schein relatives in Rimnicu Sarat,

I recently received some documents >from Romania - names on the documents-
all witnesses to births/marriages - included:Gerson Ancar; Isaac Schein;
Josef Feldman; M Hirschsohn; Abram Schein; Meir Gherson; Gherson Burach;
Israel Berman; Yithak Vaisberg; Philip Samuel; Solomon Moscovici; Sophia
Gherson; I.M. Goldstein; I. Berman; D. Baldner; Tala Lupescu; Iancu
Goldstein - age 29; Danil Belner - age 48; Tala Lupescu - age 28; Iosef
Feldman - age 53; Solomon Lupu - age 48; Dumitru Radulescu - age 26;
Petrache Popescu - aged 55; There are a couple of names written in Yiddish
that I can't quite make out but I'm working on those too.

Les Berman
Los Angeles

searching: BERMAN, SCHEIN, WITTNER, GRUNFELD, MAYERSON, - all >from Romania

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