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Based on its meaning as stated here, Gitel is often associated with the
Hebrew female name Tova.

Cyndee Meystel
Chicago, IL

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"Judith Romney Wegner" <> wrote in message

There have recently been several postings about name origins.One on11/20
mentioned Daniel as being Gedalia in Hebrew. Is it possible that Gitel is
the feminine version of Gedalia? If not, what is the original of Gitel?
Rachelle Leaf Berliner
I missed the posting that "mentioned Daniel as being Gedalia in Hebrew."
If that is indeed what the posting said, the poster was entirely
misinformed. Daniel is not Gedaliah in Hebrew, nor vice versa. Both
Daniel and Gedaliah are biblical Hebrew names--of two entirely different
people. For Daniel, see the book of Daniel. For Gedaliah, see throughout
the Book of Jeremiah 39:14, and throughout chapters 40-41. Gedaliah was
the Governor of Judaea appointed by the Babylonian king in the last years
of the Kingdom of Judah before the Babylonian Exile.

Of course, that's not to say that a child with the Hebrew name Gedalia
could not have been given the "English" name Daniel -- there's nothing to
prevent that >from happening! However, as I said, Daniel is in fact a
Hebrew name completely unconnected with Gedaliah.

Nor for that matter has Gitel, which is not Hebrew at all, but is a
diminutive of the German word "gut" and means, in effect, "good little

Judith Romney Wegner

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