Re: More on USCIS Proposes Fee Increases - has this been posted on FB groups, yet? #United States #archives #united

Jan Meisels Allen

Marjoire asks if the genealogy Facebook pages have the information posted regarding the proposed increase in USCIS fees. I don’t know as I am not on Facebook.


I first posted it on November 15 then Dick Eastman posted it with permission using my posting on the IAJGS Records Access Alert -same as the one I posted on JewishGen Discussion Group and IAJGS Leadership Forum-- getting the word out. From Dick’s posting other bloggers copied his posting referring and including my posting. Other bloggers used their own narrative.  The same with my second posting announcing the group that is spearheading the coalition of genealogists and historians. This was also reported by Dick Eastman in his newsletter and again picked up by other bloggers. 


The word is getting out. Whether it is on any FB page someone else will have to respond.

Remember to write your letters!


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


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