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Paul Silverstone

This query concerns the RIPSTEIN family of Winnipeg and Montreal
and other places.
My cousin told me his father told him that Ripstein was not the
original family name, but he did not know anything further.
They came >from Darsuniskis (Darshonishok), Lithuania. The
father Bezalel did not come to America, but his wife Hina Gitel
died in Chicago in 1891.
Their children were:
Jacob (Yehiel) (about 1849-1936) who married Belle (Yetta)SEIPP
David Isaac, (1849-1923) name of 1st wife unknown, married 2nd
Annie FEINBERG Winnipeg; her gravestone is one of the earliest in
Winnipeg (1885).
Simon Avigdor (1854-1935) married Annie FINKELSTEIN in Winnipeg.

Rachel, married Simon (Sidney) DINER in Winnipeg.
If anyone recognizes this family >from the first names or can
suggest ways to find the original name I would be most grateful.

Paul Silverstone
New York

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