Shprintsa : Etymology #general

Lilli Sprintz <spri0037@...>

Ury Link was replying to Abraham Heschel about the name "Shprintsa". I
didn't immediately jump in because I am searching my mother's side of
family not father's side.

However my last name (and my dad's last name) is SPRINTZ. I've seen
this name and similarities in different books over the last few years
while doing research. I even found a Sprintz family in Ciechanow,
Poland, in the process of doing my _maternal) grandmother's family search.

My father was in Israel several years ago and went to the Diaspora
Museum (right?) to ask about our last name.

He was told that his family (>from Russia/Ukraine) had probably come
there >from Italy, were most likely Sephardic, and that the name was
originally Esperanza. This is apparently the Italian, and also Spanish,
for "Hope." A hopeful post this has been to you, I hope.


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