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Rochelle Nameroff wrote:

Another question: Are many of you finding that you are the only one in
your family interested in the past, and receive a "Don't bother me/who
cares?" response or ones >from anger/suspicion to complete disinterest.
In most cases, yes. I am finding that the younger generations of my
BLOCH, DZIEKIEWICZ, RINGGOLD, RING links are more interested. More
specifically, four of us in our late 30's and early 40's are working
on either the above names or maternal lineage. Outside of this
generation only two older family members in the next generation seem
interested. Thankfully, one is a subscriber to this list.

I've been so excited about all my discoveries, as well as thrilled to
hear of other family's searchs--thrilled to the point where I feel such
a deep Jewish identity!
My emotions exactly in the beginning. Now, after four years of research
and four years of very little interest >from my parents and other
relatives, I don't even tell them much anymore.

--that it's beginning to hurt me not to be able to
share these discoveries with the remaining living members of my family.
An irony or just another familiar story? Maybe I'm just upset about
what "family" is. Or isn't.
Remember one crucial thing, this is a hobby. This is *your* hobby. Just as
you may not be interested in one of your relatives hobbies, they might not
be interested in yours. Not everyone wants to know about family. Granted,
it's hard for us to understand that, but it might be just as hard for others
to understand why in the world we spend out time doing this. Always put
yourself in their position before judging them or their responses.

I have adopted a question anytime I want to "announce" a new find to
members of my family; "did you start researching for yourself or to
announce things to others?" My feeling is if other family members were
interested, they would have begun their own research. As a result, when
someone in your family responds negatively, remember this is something
you want to learn. If they wanted to, it's up to them to persue it.

One last thing, don't "push" your interests on others. Let them know you
have new information via letter, e-mail, i.e. communication but don't
"force it on them." Close the communication with, "if you are interested in
more information and specifics, please contact me and I will be happy to
share it with you." Leave it up to them to decide and request the info.
Nancy Ring-Kendrick
Daytona Beach, FL
Updated November 22, 2000

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