Malin, Sarnovitchi, Ksaveriv the SCHECTMAN/RICH Family #general

Arnie Levine <arnie@...>

I am attempting to find information on my grandmothers family and the area's
which they lived, they are the SCHECTMAN family (SCHECKHTMAN, SHEKHTMAN,
SHECHTMAN, SHECKMAN) and changed their name to RICH when they came to North
America. The family is >from the UKRAINE (then Russia) >from Sarnovitchi
(Sarnovichi, Korostensky Raion, Zhitomir Oblast), >from Ksaverov (Ksaveriv,
Malinsky Raion,Zhitomir Oblast) and >from Malin (Malyn, Malinsky Raion,
Zhitomir Oblast). Any information about either the family or towns would be
appreciated as I have little information before they came to North America
(I have the map co-ordinates of each area, I am looking for any other type
of information). If any one has Istoreiya Mist i Sil Ukrainskoi RSR copies
of the write ups of the aforementioned towns would be appreciated,
especially if they are translated.

Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Arnie Levine
Chicago, Illinois USA

Also researching the CZUSIK (changed name to SHERMAN) family >from Narodichi
and Chopovichi (Volhynia Gubernia and Zhitomirskaya Oblast); the LASKOWITZ
(changed name to LASKO or LASCOE) family >from Poland: towns of Wysokie
Mazowieckie in Lomza Gubernia and also Bialystock vicinity). Settled in
Chicago but have spread (those located) throughout the USA, Canada, Israel
and Australia.

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