Some Hamburg Emigration List Information #general

Carole Feinberg <feincgs@...>

Dear Friends,

There have been new submissions to the Hamburg Emigration List
database. As of 22 November, 2000, the 1891 direct and indirect lists
were completed, according to the web site. Also, 1894 is partly
accessible now. Here is the web site address:

I found the following emigrants >from towns in my scope of interest.
Please let me know if you have any information on these emigrants:

Bertha SCHECK, 17. Place of residence: Boryslaw. Date of departure:
16 March 1890. To New York.

Chaim RINGEL, 24. Borislaw. Departed 29 June 1890. To NY.

Channe RINGEL, 24. Baryslaw. Departed 8 March 1891. To NY.

Mendel RINGEL, 38. Boryslaw. Departed 10 August 1891. To NY.

Isaac HAMMERMANN, 15. Drohobycz. Departed 7 February 1890. To

Josef HAMMERMANN, 15, Sambor. Departed 20 June 1890. To NY.

Peppi SCHNEIDER, 23, Sambor. Departed 30 October 1890. To NY.

David KOCH, 18, Drohobycz. Departed 24 May 1890. To NY.

I also found Hude KOCH, 35, Boryslaw. Departed 29 May, 1891. To NY.
She traveled with children Blime, Gittel and Zipre.

If it has been a while since you visited this web site you ought to do
it now while it is still free.

Best wishes.


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