Disinterest of Family Members #general

Carol Rombro Rider

<< I've been so excited about all my discoveries, as well as thrilled to
hear of other family's searchs--thrilled to the point where I feel such
a deep Jewish identity!--that it's beginning to hurt me not to be able to
share these discoveries with the remaining living members of my family.
An irony or just another familiar story? Maybe I'm just upset about
what "family" is. Or isn't. >>

I think all of this on this group empathize with you; we have all been
in your situation. It is sometimes difficult to be the only one in your
family jumping up and down with joy when you have made a discovery. Many
years ago I attended a lecture given by Arthur Kurzwiel, who told a story
when he first began his research. He was sitting in an archive when
someone jumped up shouting, thrilled that they had just discovered a
connection with their family and Abraham Lincoln. At the time, he didn't
understand what they were so excited about.

All of us on this group enjoy hearing how others have made wonderful
connections. This is the heart and soul of genealogy and why we do it.
Remember that you can always share it with us, your "other" family!

Carol Rombro Rider
Baltimore, Maryland

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