Re: Family disinterest #general

Joyce Eastman <wldwoman@...>

Family disinterest can sometimes be misinterpreted and can be caused by the
fact that they don't want to remember bad memories. This was the case of my
father before he died. He never stopped feeling guilty for being unable to
save his sister and mother before he left Vienna, Austria to come to the US.
I was finally able to get a minimal amount of information >from him. Don't
give up trying to get information >from relatives, and try to get what you
can while they are still alive. However, sometimes the memory of those who
are cooperative and enthusiastic is not exactly 100% either. Be sure to
verify whatever information you do get - particularly >from those who are

The younger generation of my family is very supportive and interested in
whatever information I pass on to them. I still have one elderly relative
left, and am trying to obtain whatever information I can get >from him.
Unfortunately, he is in Israel and without e-mail, so the going is very
slow. However, he is very interested in whatever information I can share
regarding my research.

As was stated by someone else, this is "your" hobby. Do not expect others
to have the enthusiasm you have. However, I have been able to interest
acquaintances to possibly start their own "dig for information" in their
families by showing enthusiasm for my hobby.

Joyce Eastman
Orange City, FL

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