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Dear Genners,

Ilya Zeldes asked:
I have a record for a male person >from Vitebsk, Russia, whose first name was
Chace (I think, it was pronounced as Kh-a-s-e). I presume it's an Yiddish
name. Kaganoff lists Chase, but gives no explanation. Beider is not
available locally, so I was unable to check it out. What is the Hebrew,
Russian and English equivalent of this name? What it means? Any suggestions? >>

The name is listed in some divorce books as : Kashe ( Kuf - Alef - Shin -
Alef),also is a name Kashina (Kuf - Alef - Shin - Nun- - Alef) and Kusha (
Kuf - Vav - Shin - Alef). Mr.Alexander Beider give the explanation: " that
it can get out >from the given name Kaza (Kashe in Yiddish),this name seems
to be Polish hypocoristic form of some given name beginning with Ka" But Mr
Beider don't give any sample to the Ka.

It can also ,and this is my opinion, that the name is derived >from the name
Krasa (Kuf - Reish - Samech - Alef) .Elazar Mintz in his book "Get Mesudar"
give the explanation that the name Krasa is derived >from the Greek word
Grace (Grazia in Latin)and it mean beautiful. It can that this name is
coming to Eastern Europe through Italy, Spain, South France and Germany but
I don't find any evidence for this until know. In this case if I am right it
can happened that the hard letter Reish is disappear and we get the name
Kasha or Kashe. Another possibility is that the name is derived >from the
Yiddish (or Polish or perhaps Russian)) word Katshke ,a name that also is
finding in divorce books and it mean I think a bird or a duck .In this case
the T and the K are disappear.

All the 3 possibility's are plausible for me. If it is derived >from Krasa
than is the Hebrew "equivalent" Yafa and if it is coming >from Katshke than
it is the "equivalent" Zipora.

All what I write is only my opinion and pleas don't hang me if I am wrong.
Ury Link

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