Re: Are Others Interested In Your Hobby? #general

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybru@...>

My immediate family is not interested-my brother says, "When you finish [!]
write it up and give me a copy." That's it. Of course, he does not know
what the history of our family inheritance of an Omble is-too bad.

However, I have found several more distant and more interested relatives. I
have made several 'distant' relatives into close ones [you know who you
are]. Because of genealogy, I have more in common with some fourth and
fifth cousins than with closer relatives who aren't interested-unfortunately.

So I mention things I think people might be interested in but don't go into
detail. I am ready to add the details if someone asks. Of course, they
send their kids to me when they are doing a family tree for school.

Sally Bruckheimer
Buffalo, NY

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