Finding Family #general

Eve Clyne <Eclyne@...>

I am very new to this list,in fact its'my first weeks' birthday.
I have found two branches of my maternal family through the internet and
this has led me to your list.
I am in contact with along lost cousin in Syracuse(hello Marty) who was /is
reasearching his family and it all came because of a search on alta vista
for "Macofsky".

Then through Jewish gen search I have found a branch in NewZealand....
Here in the UK my first cousin and i have decided to see where else
reasearch can lead us.
I got realy excited when i did a search for my fahters' family and found a
match but then had to laugh as it was my cousin who had put in the request.
I canot believe how dedicated evryone is to their reasearch and to helping
everyone else

MODERATOR NOTE: JewishGen has a wealth of information to help you further
your research. Make sure to read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and
InfoFiles. A great resource for those just starting their genealogy, and
even for the "veterans" . You can access it directly >from our homepage at

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