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Stephen Mednick <smednick@...>

Is there some good information about the presence of Jews as bootleggers
during Prohibition? Not stuff about Bugsy Siegel, or any of the famous
Jewish gangsters, but the rest of them?
I've just finished reading a book called "Tough Jews" written by a Rich Cohen
and first published in 1998 (ISBN 0 09 975791 5). It describes the Jewish
Gangsters in New York >from the early '20s through to the early '40s. The book
refers to a lot of Jewish gangsters/criminals etc and the index contains a lot
of names and there's also a very good bibliography that refers to other

from reading the book most of the people mentioned certainly weren't saints
and they were some of the most violent criminals of the time. I suspect any
later generations to the people mentioned would probably not be aware of what
really went and if they do would be extremely reluctant to talk about their

Stephen Mednick
Sydney, Australia

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