Levi and Cohen #general

Roberta Sheps <roberta_l_sheps@...>

I'd like to thank everybody who responded to my question about whether
someone whose last name was Cohen would be likely to be called Levi. The
unanimous answer was that there is no Halakhic reason he couldn't be,
and further that it isn't especially uncommon. I'd like particularly to
thank David Ziants and Udi Cain for trawling the Jerusalem phone book
and Israel yellow pages in pursuit of a substantiated answer for me.

For the record, it now appears that my great-grandfather was indeed a
man named Levi Cohen who is named in the Winnipeg census for 1901
together with my grandfather and various great aunts and uncles. (There
were only 29 people named Cohen in Winnipeg in that year, so the chances
of getting the wrong man were pretty slim.) There's more about him that
I'd like to share with the group once I have confirmed a few more facts.

Roberta Sheps
Colchester, England

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