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I agree with Gladys Paulin's statement: "The situation in Belarus is very
different and very delicate. By working with the LDS, David and the SIG
leadership has chosen wisely." I believe that delicate negotiations require
and deserve our membership sitting quietly as Dave completes this
considerable undertaking without our intruding into a situation that we might
disrupt inadvertently. I am satisfied that they are making progress with all
due speed.

I would like to add these comments to those of Gladys. Dave, Elsebeth, and
Edward deserve our gratitude for the incredible amount of work that they do
on our behalf without fanfare and for its outstanding result. I am sure that
most people cannot begin to imagine the endless hours and efforts that the
leadership of Belarus SIG expends for our benefit . Instead of "ditto"
emails, maybe instead a good "thank you" would be an $18 donation to Belarus
SIG to honor those who work so tirelessly behind the scenes on behalf of all
of us! Instructions for such a chai donation are at

Ellen Sadove Renck -NY

In a message dated 12/09/2000 12:58:34 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< I want to thank Dave Fox. Elizabeth Paikin and all the others who work so
very hard for all of us without asking for
any other personal compensation other than the satisfaction of providing
help to us all. >>

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