Correct family names? #general


I have used the services of two researchers in the Ukraine with no results.
This probably means that I do not have the correct family name that was used
there. My father, the first of the family to immigrate, arrived NY about
1888, all alone, at age 12-14, must have changed his name in order to board
ship illegally. And all of the family who came after, also changed names to
match his.

I am thinking that a family with five children might be located in the
archives there by checking family names of all with five children, all whose
given names correspond with the given names that I know, and the approximate
birth years. The only problem is the language, were they known by Jewish
names, Russian names or other.

The list of given names that I know are probably Americanized. Can anyone
tell me what these names would probably be in Ukraine of 1870 - 1890.

Nathan (Father)

Then there is Sholem's family. He and his wife, Miriam, had six children. And
we know that they came >from Kamenetz Podolsk, because Morris and Jack both
listed this as their birthplace on their NYC marriage certificate. We know
that they immigrated USA 1907. Cannot find them on any on passenger lists.

Morris (Moshe - Moishe)
Jack (Yankel Beryl)
Meyer (Mayer)
Shirley (Sonia - Sara)
Faye (Frima - Feige)

Any other ideas will be appreciated. TIA.

San Diego, CA

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