Re: Family disinterest #general

Jane Vogel-Kohai & Ofer Kohai <vogelko@...>

I have found that most people are very slightly interested, but there is
some interest nonetheless. I think that we all feel that we are doing
something important, even if no one appreciates it and somehow we all have
an eye on posterity. When I was younger, I had absolutely no interest and
very little patience for this stuff. Too bad too, because I discovered that
my grandfather had done an incredible amount of work. Luckily it had been
donated to the Leo Baeck Institute where I could find it, 30 years later.
Others had done work as well and now I do appreciate it. Let's not get
upset that others are not as excited about our hobby as we are, and let's
do keep in mind that there will be others who will follow us who will be
grateful for what we do. They might even jump for joy.
Jane Vogel-Kohai
Jerusalem Israel

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