Re: Where is Britschewo #general

Alexander Sharon <a.sharon@...>


You are probably searching for the town which is known as Bricheva at 4807
2739 in Moldova. Town location is close to the modern Ukrainian border (near
Chernovtsy and Mogilev Podolskiy)
Tis area was known in the pas Bessarabia.

Alexander Sharon

<> wrote :


While searching the Hamburg Passenger lists on-line, I encountered an
entire SCHECHTMANN family going to Buenos Aires. The Place of residence
was given as Britschewo Russia. The ShtettleSchlepper was no help as I
got too many results.

Two questions: When the form says Russia, does it mean it or can it be
also Ukraine Bellarus and so forth? We think our family came >from Ukraine,
can someone give us a _definite_ answer to the above name in the Ukraine?


Merav Schejtman
Jerusalem israel

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