Re: Soc Sec applications-Numidents-what can we do? #general


It would be a shame if we stopped getting the actually copies of
applications. My husband's grandfather was one of 5 brothers that came to US
in early 1910's. I got copies of 4 of their applications.

I can clearly tell >from the copy -- and this would be only >from the copy --
that part of the information on the form was written in a different
handwriting. Actually we recognize it as my father-in-law's handwriting.
Obviously, he helped his father complete his form.

The problem is that the maiden name of their mother is different on all four
brother's forms!! We know that my father in law did not have the best of
memories (in 20 years of being married to his son, he could never remember my
middle name!!), so I can almost eliminate his variation of her name.

This discovery would not have been possible if I had received just a typed
copy of the information.

Judi Gyori Missel
Mesa, Arizona

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