Re: Treatment of Adopted Children in Family Trees #general

Arnold Davidson <arnoldbd@...>

Dear Ben,

I think you'll find that most people make a Family Tree be what they want
it to be. It is neither a legal document nor a valid genetic document.
The following information was contained in the manual of one of the most
widely used genealogy programs and might be instructive might be instructive.

If you are interested in tracing your family's bloodline, only enter the
names of children born to the parents on each Family Page. If you want to
record everyone who makes up the family, enter all children as you wish.
You can enter adopted, foster, and stepchildren as children of their
foster, adoptive, or stepparents and leave it at that, or you can ...
indicate the special nature of the relationship.

I enter adopted children. I also enter the parents and other family
members of spouse, although they are not blood relatives, if there is
interest or reason to do so. For that matter, spouses themselves are not
blood relatives.

Arnold Davidson
Boynton Beach, FL

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