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While I totally agree with Mr. Frey's moving words and strongly support
including adopted children in birth trees, for the sake of the parents and
the children and I have noticed that this seems to be the accepted practice
among the Professional Genealogists that I am acquainted with , I think that
it would be important to add a "*" or some sort of annotation to signify
that this is an adopted a child for the following reasons:
Firstly, a later generation or descendant of that family may wish to
research who their natural parents were - in addition to the adopted
parents, and secondly and perhaps more importantly is the fact that
according to the Torah a Kohen (a direct descendant >from Aaron the High
Priest) cannot marry a divorce. There have been situations of people wishing
to live an Orthodox lifestyle yet wishing to marry a divorcee, by
discovering that although the person that they thought was their paternal
grandfather was a Kohen - their father was adopted, and hence they are not a
Kohen and were able to marry the women they wished. In addition to Kohanim
there are various other Halachic ramifications regarding adoption - nearly
all are beneficial to know that they are adopted, as this falls outside the
parameters of this list I would be glad to personally correspond with anyone
on this matter.
Abraham J. Heschel

Brooklyn NY

MODERATOR NOTE: Any comments concerning the religious aspect
of this topic should discussed privately.

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