Re: Adopted children in family trees #general

Eve Line Blum <eve.line.blum@...>

I'm very happy to see that all the messages written by Jewishgeners say the
same thing : first of all, it wouldn't be fair for the adopted child to be
excluded >from the tree of the family who adopted him.

As the mother of five biological children and an adopted one (now aged 30),
my husband and I put his name together with our other children, and these
latters agreed, exactly as they agreed when we received in our home the
little boy aged three weeks, and when we adopted him when aged seven. When
our sixth child has children, these grandchildren of ours will be written
on our family tree along with our fifteen present grandchildren.

Eve Line Blum
Besancon (France)
and also
Cercle de Genealogie Juive (JGS in Paris)

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