Duma Lists/Status of the Pinsk City Portion #belarus



First of all, a hearty Yasher Koach to the entire team that worked on the
Duma List project. It was a large undertaking and the work will undoubtedly
assist many in their research.

There has been some internal discussion regarding the reasons for largely
incomplete Pinsk City Duma list, and undoubtedly there will be a good number
of questions to the SIG and to Dave Fox on the missing portions as well.
For the record, and to avoid DG clutter on the subject, this was a result
of low quaility source material.

Obviously, this is a large piece of the puzzle to those of us researching
Pinsk proper and it is important enough to investigate further. We are
working to acquire better copies of the Pinsk city portion for translation.
We are actively pursuing 2 scenarios which will allow us to gain access to
the lists in short order.

We need your help to that end, and there are a few means of doing so:

1. If you have a relationship with the New York Public Library, either
personally or professionally, please email Dave Fox or myself.
2. If you can get to the NYPL and assist with the printing of microfilmed
material, please email Dave Fox or myself.
3. If you would like to contribute financially to the completion of the
project, please email Dave Fox or myself.
4. As always, if you read Russian (this is block print) please tell us as
we may require your assistance in translation.

We are going to make sure that we access this list one way or another and
include it in the All Belarus Database. Let us know if you are able to
assist us in any way.

Adam Davis
Dobzewitz, Seltzer, Rubacha, Klitnick, Kolinchick - Pinsk Uzyed

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