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Leslie Reich <LReich@...>

Wendy Dawer posted:
searching out any information regarding BRISK family - earliest known
member Morris BRISK, dob circa 1830 in Brest. Family belonged to hassidic
sect headed by Rabbi Soloveichik. In early 1800s, a branch of the family
moved to Saffed, and then on to Egypt. There were 3 brothers, one
remained in Egypt, one went to Singapore and the 3rd went to Manchester,
England in 1896. All 3 were in the textile business.
Cyndee Mestel commented:
" Major problem in your quest -- the Soloveichik family were not and are
not hassidic -- they were and are prominent and influential *non*-hassidic
rabbinic leaders. "

To this I would like to add two points.

a) Living in Manchester, I can confirm (>from ancient memory) that there
used to be a large textile company here (possibly in Whitworth St) called
M.Brisk Ltd

b) Re. the 'hassidic' member of the Soloveichik family. I am a sort of
mechutan to this distinguished clan.(My sister-in-law's sister is married
to the family's current head). Cyndee is indeed correct in asserting that
they are non-hassidic and no mention of such a connection is made in the
Hebrew biography of the family's progenitor, the Bais Halevi.

Nevertheless, there are rumours/rumors that one family prominent member
became a Hassidic rabbi. This is something I have never bothered to check

Leslie Reich, Manchester

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