Re: London - Looking for a Burial Place - Thanks #general

robert.gleek <robert.gleek@...>

I am so pleased that the information that I and others passed on was useful
and that you found the stone for the person you were looking for...
I should like to add that of all the cemeteries I have visited over the
last ten years, in my quest for information etc, the people at Edmonton
Federation have been the most helpful and patient.

The cemetery itself is a capsule >from history - some historic graves and
some beautifully sculptured stones. It is such a shame that vandals have
broken in over recent months causing untold damage, but if it is any
consolation I spoke with the chaps there who believe it is more likely to
be children than anti-semitic thugs, due to a lack of daubings etc.
Not that that makes things right of course...
Good Luck in your quest,
Daniel Gleek

Yaacov Slizak <> wrote:
I'd like to thank to all the good people who answered my question about
London Cemeteries:
I found my gggrandfather's burial site at Edmonton's Cemetery, which I'll
visit in my next trip to London in two weeks time. [snip]

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