Re: NYC geography #general


"And does anyone have the census district for this address? We have
a February 1901 birth there, but the family does not appear in the 1900
indexed census. I thought I might try to find who lived there at the

I looked over some of my old material for 1900 ED's. I believe you are
looking for ED 227 at the north end of Suffolk between Stanton and
Houston Streets . Other ED's to the south, just incase I miss the
address, are 225, 224, 277, 276, 275, 273, and 274. With these ED's and
access to the census records it should be easy to find any address on
Suffolk. My source for 1900 ED's map, available for Manhattan only, is
LDS FHL microfilm number 1033889, Items 5(&4). This same information is
probably available in NYC but I do not know where, Library? City
Archives? NYC Local NARA?

Barry Chernick
Bellevue WA

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