re Duma Lists/Status of the Pinsk City Portion #belarus <bbrazy@...>

Adam Davis wrote:
We need your help to ....snip..
. ..snip....
Just a reminder - Adam, what is your email address for people
who want more information?

Betsy Brazy
Alameda, California US

Researching SIPERSTEIN of Pinsk etc


Look in the header: the email address is: ADAVIS@...

That is the one piece of information that is always in the
messages: the e-mail-address of the sender. If not, it could neither
be sent, nor received!

I do know that some wants everybody to copy their e-mail-
address with their signature. However, that is not
necessary and we do not do anything to make senders do that
It is har enough to try and yet not even possible to have
everybody sign with their full name - let alone city and
state/country. And that is practical information because
the list is international/global, and that info does not
appear any other place.

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