Re: Masche - what type of name? #general

Ben Ari <yrcdi@...>

I have a (lady) cousin Masha who is married to a Moshe. I didn't read all
the answers about Masha but I have never heard the name used for a man. (I
don't know that many Mashas either).

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel

From: Doug Cohen <>

"Masche" or "Maishe" is Yiddish for Moshe and is a common man's name;
people with that name who came to the US often adopted the name Morris
or Moses, but Max wouldn't be surprising.
<> wrote:
I was searching the new listings online >from the Hamburg passenger lists
and I came across the name Masche JORDAN aged 19 >from Talsen in Russland.
This person left Hamburg in October 1891 --it could be more of my family.

Anyone have any ideas about this name?

Is this a man or a woman? Orgins of the name?

While I know there are no translations per say, any guess on what this
person's name might have been in America assuming they stayed with
the "M" -- I have a Max and Masha Jordan in the tree. I am wondering if
this is one of then?

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