Imagining a World Without JewishGen- November shortfall #general

Glen Strauss <gstrauss@...>

Last August, when we experienced the worst financial shortfall in our
history in meeting our operational budget, we asked that you Imagine a
World Without JewishGen. You showed us by your amazing response that
indeed, you were not willing to imagine this. Hundreds of you came forward
and became first time contributors. It was marvelous to see people sign up
for monthly support, and to have others send in donations to be credited
immediately. Wholeheartedly, we thank all of you who have supported this
organization in the last 12 months and those who came forward during the
recent summer difficulties to help keep us alive, well and growing.

To keep you informed on our current situation, although we see many more
users supporting JewishGen, we are sad to report that there is still a
large discrepancy between the total number of users of our services and
those who actively support us. As we reached the end of November we once
again are showing a serious budget shortfall for JewishGen Operations and
must turn to those who use JewishGen's services, but have not yet
contributed to our financial needs.

Here's why:

In order to keep the JewishGen machines running, we must have $17,000 a
month to support the current level of services. Since we are constantly
growing, with new users coming on board, we must continually expand our
services. Correspondingly, the monthly operating budget will have to
increase as well.

This is how Operations works and what the technical support for our
services demands:

1) JewishGen Operations maintains three servers, all the connectivity, and
the bandwidth for the 3-4 million hits that we get a month. We manage all
the accounting, professional and management services for JewishGen and for
all the JewishGen Special Interest Groups and Special Research Groups.

2) JewishGen also maintains the JGFF, FTJP, ShtetLinks and the Yizkor Book
Translation Projects and all the support services these projects require,
at no charge to the project.

3) When you make donations to any of the JewishGen projects, SIGs or
Research Groups, the funds are applied directly -- and only -- to the
direct costs of the project. An example is our Yizkor Books project, where
all donations pay for professional translations. At this time there are 24
Yizkor Book fundraising projects for which donations and expenses are
tracked and reported monthly. The administrative, technical and ongoing
expenses to bring this information to the JewishGen community are borne
solely by JewishGen Operations. Not one dollar is deducted for any of
these costs which are significant due to the amount of support this
project receives.

4) At each breakthrough in new information and services, JewishGen is
responsible for all the costs of the technical and administrative services
needed for development and implementation. These funds come >from the
JewishGen Operations budget. To match the growth with additional financial
support is our challenge.

As we look towards the end of our fiscal year 2000, and begin budgeting for
all of these projects and services for fiscal 2001, we need to be assured
that we can continue to support our growth and flourish far into the future.

One final suggestion may be helpful here. If you are the holder of
appreciated stocks, you may be considering the tax benefits of a donation
to a qualified organization. Please include JewishGen in your plans.

In any case, we will be most appreciative if you will include JewishGen in
your year end contributions for 2000.

For more information, visit

To view the latest progress report on how we are meeting monthly needs,
please go to

Thank you!

Glen Strauss
Vice President, Business & Corporate Development

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