Re: REBECCHI: what dou you think about this surname? #general

Judith Romney Wegner

Dalia Rossi wrote:

I found in old book of byblical hebrew that in old hebrew
Rebach,reibach,rebech means lightening
**the normal Hebrew word for lightning is baraq (spelled bet-resh-qof).

and in middle hebrew means earnings,like in yiddish reibach,rebbach
ecc,ecc means earnings.
**The Hebrew word revah, meaning earnings or profit, is spelled
completely differently
(resh-vav-het) -- and has no connection with the noun bet-resh-qof
meaning lightning.

In Poland rybicki is relative to Ryba that means fish,
**As it happens, Fisch, Fischmann and Fischer are very common
German/Yiddish surnames. So that is certainly a possibility. Also, a
common Jewish-Polish surname is Ravitsky; you might want to investigate
that possibility also.

All of the above assumes that your ancestors were Ashkenazim. But if they
were sephardim maybe you should be looking for Spanish or Portuguese origin
for the name Rebecchi. Or perhaps, as you first suggested, the name is
related to Rebecca ( Rivqah)

Judith Romney Wegner

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