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Harry Dodsworth <af877@...>

Sharon Kleban <> posted:
My ggm >from Russia arrived in the US in 1905 on a ship
from Southampton. Does anyone out there know how to
find information on ships >from E. Europe to England
during that era?
If by information, Sharon means passenger lists, there aren't
any. My understanding is that on the short sea routes, the British
destroyed them after two weeks. The ships themselves are well
documented but that isn't much help.
However I also understand that >from 1890, the British kept
outbound passenger lists and these are in the Public Record Office
at Kew. In general they give ages, nationality and possibly occupation.
In some cases, for transit passengers, they list the ship the
passenger entered Britain on.
These lists have not been filmed, are generally not indexed, are
fragile, and are kept in dusty boxes. So a professional researcher
who knows these records is needed and the potential reward is limited.

There is about one chance in three that an emigrant left through
Hamburg; the Hamburg exit lists are available and there is a project
under way to transcribe them and put them online (although there
may be a charge when the project is complete) so perhaps these
should be checked before any attempt is made to check British records.
Emigrants travelling through Britain were known as Hamburg indirect

Harry Dodsworth Ottawa Ontario Canada

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