Searching: Descendants of Lucille J. ROSS (Harvey Ross) #general

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Lucille J. ROSS was born in 1902 and died in August 1989 in Santa Monica,
California. She was my grandfather's half sister.

Her son is Harvey Ross and Lucille has grandchildren. In spite of the fact
that I have her death certificate, know where she is buried, spoke with the
cemetary, spoke with the Rabbi who conducted her funeral, spoke with the
funeral home who conducted her service, have the obituary, checked out
probate (which there is none), checked the post office for the last known
address of her son Harvey (which they do not have), have her social
security application, and have called every Harvey Ross in California, I
cannot locate her son Harvey or her grandchildren.

If Harvey is alive, he would probably be about 75-80 years old. Certainly,
her grandchildren are alive but I do not know their names (they were
mentioned in her obit but not by first or last name).

Does anyone out there have any more ideas as to how I can locate Harvey
Ross or Lucille's Grandchildren. Is there anyone out there >from Santa
Monica who may have known Lucille or her son Harvey??

Please contact me if you have any information.


Richard Sinykin

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