Robert & Ena Jacobs <enabob@...>

Hello Fellow Researchers:
Once again am posting my GREENBLATT family in the hope of
making a connection to their descendants.
Resided at 1843 Crotona Ave, Bronx, New York in 1940/50's.
Grown children at that time were:
Becky(Rebecca) single lady, later married, name KARON
Fanny, married (with children)- surname unknown
Harry - single or possibly divorced
Morris/Murray (deceased) wife's name Anna, lived in Brooklyn at
880 47 Street, Apt. D2, Brooklyn, NY with 2 young sons
As per 1920 N.Y. Census family was living at 159 Monroe Street, NYC
Hyman entered U.S.1905 Esther nee Festenstein 1913 with 3 children,
her parents and siblings settled in England & S.A.
Harry was born in New York - Family originated >from Russia
Esther was my mother's eldest sister -Any possible leads welcome
Thank You.
Ena JACOBS nee SCHWALBE/SELBY (born in London, England)
San Pedro, California

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