New York City address #general

Ilya Zeldes <ilyaz@...>

May someone with an access to the NY City directories look up two addresses
in about 1908-1910?
1). In a passenger list of SS Lusitania, (arrived at port of NY on September
3, 1909), Chace (you may remember this name >from my previous message)
provided address of his sister Sophie at "c/o ???? 639 E. 12th Street, New
York, NY". May you, please, look and see what names are there listed at
this location?
2). In a passenger list of SS Caledonia, (arrived at port of NY on January
3, 1909), Borukh provided address of his brother "Buchman 85 Gryeb Str,
Brooklyn, NY". I looked on a contemporary AAA street map of NY, but there
is no Gryeb street. Again, may you, please, look in the street directory of
that time and see if there was in fact such a street and who is listed at
this address?
Any assistance with this request is appreciated.
Ilya Zeldes

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