Re: Metz Jewish Families #general

Lifshitz-Krams Anne

Simon Schwartzfuchs is Professor emeritus in Bar Ilan University in Ramat
Gan Israel, and can probably still be joined there.
If you are interested in French Jews, especially Jews in Metz and want to
have contacts with other people interested, I remind you that a lot of the
members of the Cercle de Genealogie Juive do have ancestors in Metz. I,
myself, have nearly all the families you mention in my genealogy.
One of the members of our staff, Pierre Andre Meyer is specialized about
the Metz community, he wrote a book: "La communauté Juive de Metz au 19e
siècle" and also published the "Tables du registre de l'état civil de la
communauté juive de Metz 1717-1792". You can acquire these books at the
CGJ, you can also acquire at the CGJ the book written by J. Fleury:
"Contrats de mariages Juifs en Moselle avant 1792".
Anne Lifshitz-Krams
CGJ, Paris, France

Does anyone know where I can purchase Simon Schwarzfuch's "Un obituaire
israelite: le Memorbuch de Metz, vers 1575-1724?"

In addition, I would be interested in sharing information with anyone
with links to the following Metz families: BONN, BRISAC, CAHEN,
and ZAY. I have a lot of information on certain branches of these
families and am interested in connecting with other branches.

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