Warszawa Business Directories #general

Hadassah Lipsius <kesher@...>

For those who have questions about my recent posts on Warszawa Business

The LDS have both the 1869 and 1870 directories on Microfilm. The
Directories titled "Przewodnik Warszawski informacyjno-adressowy" are
found on film numbers 1183685 Item 5 and 6. A database >from the 1869 list
of homeowners has been created by the Warszawa Research Group. The
database for the homeowners lists >from the 1870 Directory is currently in
progress. When the database is complete and on-line it is hoped that
you will be able to search by both surname and address number. The 1870
book has a list of about 26,000 residents of Warszawa. We have not
entertained creating a database of that yet. While in Warszawa this past
May, I bought a reprinted copy of the 1870 Directory for $15! It was just

The 1852 list is a homeowners list and is called Taryffa Domow. There are
detailed maps of each and every block of land. That will be the next
Warszawa Research Group Project and call for volunteers will be coming in
the next month. There are many other similar directories that exist. In
June 2000, there was an auction in Warszawa and in the book published for
the auction items were listed original Warszawa Lists/Directories >from
1812 to before the WW II.

Hadassah Lipsius
Warszawa Research Group

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